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Mergers & AcquisitionsMost acquisitions fail to deliver their potential gains. Instead of one plus one equaling the hoped-for three, or even an acceptable two, the result often ends up being less.

Why? Most often, companies fail to recognize the critical role culture plays in a successful acquisition. Or the acquisition may just be a bad idea, out of synch with a company’s strategy. In others, issues are overlooked or ignored in the excitement of doing a deal, and resolving them diverts energy and stalls progress.

Ready About President Mark Berns has handled at least 100 acquisitions and can help you prepare for success through:

  • Strategy: Collaborating with your leadership and transition teams to develop and communicate clear goals that fit your strategy.
  • Due Diligence: Evaluating the cultures, technology and core strengths of acquirer and acquired to determine how they fit and what elements of each are essential for a strong, combined organization.
  • Planning: Assessing challenges and working with you on requirements and timelines to create a new organization greater than its parts.
  • Integration: Bridging cultures, designing the new organization and guiding project teams to build it.
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