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Technology Strategy & Change

Technology StrategyFor a technology change to deliver on your investment, it has to fit your business, not the other way around. For change to succeed it must be understood – and planned by – those affected.

Determine how you need to work to meet your customers’ needs, then find a technical solution that most closely does what you want. Engage your staff across business units and even customers.

Ready About can help you with:


  • Selection: Working with your technical and business teams and even your customers to identify needs and help make the right choice.
  • Planning: Helping you answer key questions. How and when will the technology be rolled out? Who needs to be trained to use it? Who else is affected? What will success look like?
  • Training: Working with you and your vendor to ensure that training is useful and successful.
  • Implementation: Setting clear expectations, establishing and communicating priorities and creating action plans and accountability.
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